Counter Tips & Tricks To Beat Yasuo In League Of Legends

Counter Tips & Tricks To Beat Yasuo In League Of Legends

Yasuo is a great pick for solo queue with his super mobility Sweeping Blade and great dueling/teamfighting potential with Last Breath.

His passive Way of the Wanderer let’s him have a free shield, and gives the champion double crit from all item.

Wind Wall can really shutdown the enemy adc/ranged threats if placed correctly.

He is vulnerable to point and click CC and armour stacking champions. Yasuo is squishy, difficult to master and has a lot of bad matchups which we are going to investigate.

Yasuo Abilities

  • Way of the wanderer (Passive):The shield is what makes Yasuo able to go for quick trades and farm safely against hard matchups.It gets charges by moving, and also resets whenever he uses Last Breath. The second part of the passive gives him double crit in exchange for reduced crit dmg. Save your spells until you hit him with AA’s and wait till it expires, then go for trades.
  • Steel Tempest (Q): is a skillshot basic attack, and is the ability players max first. The cooldown of the ability gets reduced with more attack speed. Pay attention to his 3’rd Q which has significantly larger range and it knocks you up.
  • Wind wall (W): is a wall that blocks enemy projectiles for 4 seconds. It blocks almost every projectile spell in the game so keep that in mind and save the skillshots until you are perfectly sure you hit them.
  • Sweeping Blade (E): Yasuo dashes through a enemy unit dealing magic damage. Sweeping Blade has a fixed distance, so if he moves close to a target before dashing through it, he will move further away from it. This is what allows Yasuo players to dash through walls using jungle camps. Using Sweeping Blade with Steel Tempest will make Yasuo strike in a circle. Whenever you are trading try to move further away from the minions so Yasuo cannot dash so many times. There is a cooldown between dashing through a target so keep that in mind and use it to your advantage.
  • Last Breath (R): Yasuo blinks to a nearby Airborne unit and strikes them repeatedly for heavy damage while keeping them in the air for 1 additional second. It also refreshes his Way of the Wanderer shield, and gives him bonus armor penetration on all his critical strikes. When you are playing as a tank champion always try to wait te buff out when Yasuo uses his R since it gives him a lot of armor penetration. If multiple targets are airborn, you can choose which one to ult by hovering your mouse over it and then pressing R.

Learn more about Yasuo’s abilities here.

Our Top Counter Tips To Beat Yasuo

  • Yasuo is really vulnerable to crowd control. Try to pick champions that have a lot of CC to shut down his mobility and high damage output.
  • He is squishy so burst damage type champions work perfectly against him.
  • The champion’s mobility relies on units around so make sure you trade with him in between his E’s cooldowns or smaller waves.
  • Yasuo relies on basic attacks so building Ninja Tabi’s / Seeker’s Armguard will reduce his damage output significantly
  • Always use auto attacks to destroy Yasuo’s shield before using your spells. One auto attack is enough to destroys the shield.

Champions That Counter Yasuo

  • Renekton (TOP/MID)

Champion with point and click CC, really high burst and is mobile. Pay attention to the Rage bar because it makes his abilities do even more damage and this is what makes him shine in this matchup.

  • Jayce (TOP/MID)

A ranged poke/burst type champion. He is gonna push Yasuo most likely into deep defensive. It is easy to punish the Wanderer whenever he goes for cs with Jayce’s AAs. He is simple to play and has a lot to offer in such matchup.

  • Malzahar (MID)

His R is a long point and click CC. Forces yasuo to build Quicksilver Sash. He can smoothly push the wave with his E’s and W’s therefore is effortless to avoid bad trades. Uncomplicated champion with reliable kit, also you can spamping the jungler to gank your lane post-6 since Yasuo will be a guaranteed free kill.

  • Talon (MID)

Has insane burst on levels 2-3. Has no trouble in pushing waves and roaming. Strong champion that can basically kill Yasuo over and over again.

  • Akali (TOP/MID)

She is able to spam her Q’s followed by strong AAs. Whenever Yasuo tries to engage she can use her smoke bomb and disappear. She has a lot of mobility and burst. The only and main downside is that she has a high skill cap which may be a true downside for a lower ELO player.

Laning vs Yasuo

  • As a squishy mage you wanna farm up and avoid trades whenever it is possible. In most cases you can buy Ninja Tabi’s/Seeker’s Armguard. If you feel your matchup really unfavorable for you take exhaust.
  • As a melee champion (like Kassadin, Katarina, Sylas) your goal is to farm as many CS as it is possible. Yasuo will always try to contest them since such matchups are favorable for him.
  • You always have to pay attention to his W – Windwall. Save your skillshots until it is on cooldown.
  • You can try to set up a slowpush since it will reduce his trading potential undoubtedly.
  • Whenever you are making a pushing play set up vision.

Mid & Late game vs Yasuo

  • Manage your resources responsibly – pay attention to the knock-up champions Yasuo synergises well with and his 3rd Q’s, save CC-type skillshots and throw them after Windwall expires.
  • Most of the counter champions previously mentioned handle yasuo well whenever he is trying to splitpush. Just practice your map awareness and make sure you are ready to teleport into a fight when needed.
  • The champion has a high damage output and is also squishy so make sure you and your team CC him and kill if he makes a positioning mistake.
  • Punish his lack of escape tool and always try to dodge his Q’s

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