Counter Tips & Tricks To Beat Renekton in League Of Legends

Counter Tips & Tricks To Beat Renekton in League Of Legends

Renekton is a top lane fighter, he is known as a lane kingdom champion. He´s kit does not obtain many weaknesses in a bruiser laning phase.

A win-lane, win-game champion. Renektons strongest points are therefor in the early and mid-game.

Even though Renektons immense strength in laning phase he can still be beating by long ranged champions.

Renekton demands respect thus, be aware playing against him. With that being said, let’s learn how you can counter Renekton.

Renekton’s Abilities

  • P: Upon getting damaged or damaging enemies Renekton gain Rage. If more than 50 Rage is obtained; each of Renektons abilities gets empowered and consumes 50 Rage. Always keep Renektons Rage bar into account once fighting him. Avoid trading against him if he has over 50 Rage. If Renekton gets off two empowered abilities he is deadly.
  • Q: Renekton swings his blade around in, damaging and healing per damaged target. If empowered this ability basically gets twice as strong. If Renekton gets to use his empowered Q in a large minion wave he will heal for a large amount. Keep that in mind once fighting Renekton. Renekton Q has low range, so aslong as you keep your distance, you will be safe.
  • W: Renektons next auto-attack will slice you quickly twice and stuns you during the duration. If empowered Renekton attacks you three times and thus stunning you for a longer duration. This ability is easily baited out if you “stutter-step” (move back and fourth). Try to get Renekton to think he will be in range to land it, and then disengage. Once he uses it on a minion, punish him by trading back.
  • E: Renekton dashes a distance, damaging enemies he dashes through and gets to use it twice if an enemy is damaged. If empowered the second dash does more damage and removes armor for targets temporarily. Bait Renekton out to awkward positions when he dashes to you. Make him overextend, if this ability is used Renekton gets really easy to gank.
  • R: Renekton gets bonus health, appears larger, damages surrounding enemies every second, gains Rage instantly upon use and gradually during its duration. Renekton R can not in itself be played around, it is ingrained into rest of Renektons abilities. By baiting out Renektons rest abilities his ultimate becomes useless.

Learn more about Renekton’s abilities here.

Our Top Counter Tips To Beat Renekton

  • Renektons biggest weakness is his range, Renekton can not reach a ranged champion without overextending immensely in lane. By playing ranged-poke champions Renekton can be exploited. Because of Renektons strength in laning phase, junglers do need to get involved to beat him. Make sure you communicate with your jungler and set up ganks once you have chunked him out.
  • Renektons does demand respect in laning phase, this commonly leads to Renekton playing greedy. Brawling champions with crowd-control can punish this greedy play-style together his jungler. Make sure you communicate with your jungler that is preferably playing a crowd-control champion.
  • Renekton is really weak in mid-late game, multiple split-push champions like Camille/Fiora do outscale Renekton. Most ranged mage champions as well and bruisers/tanks with engage abilities do out team-fight Renekton. By playing safe in laning phase and not letting yourself get dragged into Renektons aggressive play-style will put you in a good situation in mid-game. Renekton as a champion have to enter mid-game with a lead. Otherwise he won’t be effective.

Champions That Counter Renekton

  • Kled

Recent changed to Kled have given him 60% healing reduction upon his Q, which limits Renektons healing potential. Prior to this change the matchup was even, now Kled dominates Renekton as long as Q is hit. As Kled, be sure to play around your W cooldown, do not trade Renekton if it is on cooldown. If you miss your Q, disengaging would be a good option. Kled can easily take over the lane as he gets a small advantage through jungle assistance. Be sure to let inform your jungler.

  • Neeko

Her kit has the ability to long range poke Renekton down and get priority in lane. Even disengaging with Neeko´s stealth plus root makes is impossible for Renekton to win the lane without any jungle assistance. Contest the minion wave against Renekton, try to bait out his E and once you do, root him. Play the lane slowly and respect Renekton, you will win the marathon. Abuse plates, if Renekton plays greedy and pushes up get your jungler to punish his overextension. Both the AS build and the Glacial augment build will be effective against Renekton. If your team has a lot of magic damage, consider the AS/AD build, if not the glacial augment build will be effective.

  • Illaoi

As Illaoi it is important that you do play carefully at your first back, as you even get a phage towards your Black-cleaver you will be able to contest him. Make sure that you poke him with your Q, use W if tentacles are nearly to gain priority. Once Renekton engages, use your E on Renekton, once hit it is a one-sided battle. Illaoi´s really starts to dominate the lane after one item, Illaoi limits Renektons presence in the mid-game. When playing this matchup be careful of their jungler and try to use your R to avoid Renektons stun.

Laning vs Renekton

  • Respect Renekton, do not let yourself get fooled by a low health bar if he do have Rage. Avoid trades in large minion waves as Renektons Q heals immensely. Bait out Renektons E and W, after trade back.
  • Priorities movement speed items/wave clear, dependent if you need to contest the wave or kite Renekton.
  • Bring Ignite if you are not confident with using your teleport to impact other lanes.

Mid & Late game vs Renekton

  • Renekton is very strong in early game, however he scales off very hard in mid/late stages of the game. If Renekton didn’t get a strong lead in the early the game his mid and late game is not much to worry about.
  • In team-fights, kite him. Renekton do have to use his mobility to get into a fight, by kiting back he cannot keep up anymore. Track his flanking ability.

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